Water Damage? We Can Buy Your Home.

Water Damage? We Can Buy Your Home.

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Are you selling your home due to water damage? If so, we can buy your home.

Due to the water damage, you might be wondering about what you need to know for the home selling process. You might be a little worried about all that is needed during this time along with everything that is required of you.

We want to help.

If you are looking to sell your home fast due to water damage, contact our team today.

For those sellers who are interested in getting their home sold but do not know where to start, consider the following tips. 

In the current home seller market, the most homes are found online. Therefore, you will benefit tremendously from selling your home online through a home listing website service. An online home listing will make your home open to thousands and thousands of potentially interested home buyers.

However, if you want to sell your home as is and for cash, contact us today. We can buy a home with water damage.

But if you are going the traditional route of listing your home, start by creating your online home listing. During this process it can help to take professional quality photos and perhaps hire a photographer to capture the beauty of your home.

Make sure that your home is visually prepared for the photos by doing deep cleaning and rearranging furniture to best fit the natural design of the house. Update your home as you need as well by repainting any rooms to more natural tones and hues. This is entire process is called staging.

We buy homes “as-is” so there is no need to update or repair water damage.

Once your home is staged and the photos of your home have been taken, then you can move on to the next step of creating your actual online home listing. When creating the wording and physical descriptions of your home listing, you will want to be sure to include all the major details of the home.

For example, you will want to list how big the home is, how many bedrooms there are, how many bathrooms and half-bathrooms the home has, any special features and characteristics about the home, information about the property, etc. etc. etc. Think of what drew you to the house when you were first interested in buying it and relay this information on to your interested home buyer.

Bullet points have been shown to be the most effective form of organization in your home listing, so use them to create a clean and eye-pleasing listing that will engage dozens of potentially interested home buyers.

When you receive an offer, you will want to move as quickly as you can. This is a time where a lot is on the line for both parties, so you will both best benefit by completing the sale process as fast as time allows without sacrificing quality.

Depending on your situation, some home sellers are able to take their time when listing a home. However, some scenarios like a home that has experienced water damage, call for a different plan of action.

If you are in need of selling your home due to water damage, call us today to see how we can help you. We specialize in quick home sales and can offer cash payments in most situations.

Don’t waste time. Get in touch with us today.

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