Ways to Compete Against Cash Buyers

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // April 9, 2018

A yellow bag with dollar sign on it.

A home buyer that is looking to purchase a house by getting a mortgage may be discouraged by the number of cash buyers that are scouring the market.  Cash buyers are appealing to sellers because there is no loan to process. This typically means that the process moves along pretty quickly. When competing against cash […]

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How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // April 2, 2018

A graphic of three houses with different levels.

When you are getting ready to sell your home every small thing can make a difference in your resale value. All of your decisions will help to dictate how fast your home sells and for how much. The catch is knowing what will count for the most as we can usually not do everything. Take […]

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What’s the Difference Between Market Value and Assessed Value?

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // March 26, 2018

A gray icon of a house and magnifying glass.

There are two values that are important to both the buyer and a seller in the real estate transaction—the market value and the assessed value. The phrases seem so similar that it can be confusing to understand the difference between the two. While it may seem easy to just pretend you know the difference, it […]

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What Homeowners Must Do Before Gutting a Home

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // March 19, 2018

A hammer with a long handle is shown.

Homeowners are often interested in updating their homes in order to fetch a higher price when it comes time to sell. But before homeowners start smashing up walls and other items in the home, make sure you have done your research. Is the house a fixer-upper or does it just need one major area remodeled? […]

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How (and Why) To Become a Private Lender

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // March 12, 2018

Three green and white pictures of a dollar sign.

If you have the financial means, becoming a private lender to builders, developers and other businesses can lead to big payouts.  Negotiating favorable terms, increasing cash flow and meeting new business associates are all perks of being a private lender.  But when things go wrong, it can lead to big financial losses.   Before you […]

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Home Sellers: Is Your Listing Stale?

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // March 5, 2018

A yellow magnifying glass on top of a white background.

In most areas, it seems like houses are flying off the market as soon as they go on. In some cases, home sellers are even settling on a sale price that is higher than their asking price.   This means that if you are thinking about becoming home sellers it means that as soon as […]

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7 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up a Home Inspection (and How to Avoid Them)

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // February 26, 2018

A red sign with an inverted no symbol on it.

Purchasing a house is like taking on a second job. There is a lot of hands-on work to do that it is physically and mentally exhausting. Any buyer may want to check out when it comes to a home inspection, but that is not always the best idea. A home inspection is going to give […]

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Getting a Mortgage While Changing Jobs

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // February 19, 2018

A green circle with a dollar sign in it.

Getting a mortgage is an exciting time, but can also be stressful. Changes to your credit, income, or expenses at this time can alter your ability to borrow. When you are changing a job, the details of the job change are what will matter. If you have documentation and are changing from a job to […]

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Five Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Home

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // February 12, 2018

Three red check marks in a row on top of each other.

It’s hard to say “no†when real estate prices are climbing in your area, but is it time for you to sell your home?  If you’ve been going back and forth on reaching a decision, now may be the time to sell your home.  But before you list, here are five things to think about. […]

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FSBO (For Sale By Owner) – What it Means for Home Buyers

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // February 5, 2018

A sign with a house on it for sale

In real estate, FSBO (pronounced fizbo) stands for For Sale By Owner. This means that a home is for sale, but the owner is selling it themselves instead of using a real estate agent. Because the homeowner is not using an agent, if you are interested in the home, there are things that you need […]

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